Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Malware. Data breaches. Insider threats. Cyber espionage. It's not a question of if you will be attacked but when. In fiscal year 2016, ICS-CERT responded to 290 incidents with the energy sector accounting for 59 of those incidents.1 As cyber threats evolve, the oil and natural gas industry faces unique challenges with the increasingly interconnected delivery of services to a common consumer and supplier base.

To protect our nation's critical infrastructure, the Oil and Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ONG-ISAC) was created in 2014 to provide shared intelligence on cyber incidents, threats, vulnerabilities, and associated responses present throughout our industry.

Facilitating Information Sharing For Our Members

The ONG-ISAC acts as a dynamic cybersecurity hub for members to communicate and coordinate against network and ICS cyber attacks. The ONG-ISAC enriches intelligence through analysis.

ONG-ISAC Mission Statement

ONG-ISAC serves as a central point of coordination and communication to aid in the protection of exploration and production, transportation, refining, and delivery systems of the ONG industry, through the analysis and sharing of trusted and timely cyber threat information, including vulnerability and threat activity specific to ICS and SCADA systems.

The mission of the ONG-ISAC is structured around four cornerstones:

1. Anonymous submissions 2. Authenticated information sharing
3. Industry owned and operated 4. Protection from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) disclosure and anti-trust violations

(1) ICS-CERT Year in Review 2016.

Why Join the ONG-ISAC

Our Membership Benefits Feature

  • Guided, anonymous information sharing via a threat intelligence platform (TIP)
  • Automated sharing of machine-readable threat indicators
  • Real-time notifications for near real-time analyses
  • Open access to community leaders and security analyst experts
  • Organized intelligence in one place: federal feeds, third-party vendors, ISAC members, and cross-sector sharing with other ISACs
  • Coordinated response between members during industry incidents

Your Performance Advantage

Quickly detect or respond to threats before they impact your enterprise

Learn from others to decrease your overall risk, increase safety, and avoid loss of revenue

Protect your reputation and position your organization ahead of attackers

Avoid data overload and improve critical decision making

Information Sharing

Information Confidentiality
Get access to shared intelligence in near-real time, in a trusted and secure manner.

Confidentiality is essential in creating a secure and trusted environment. The ONG-ISAC employs the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) for information sharing. Members have the option of submitting information either anonymously or with attribution. Only ONG-ISAC members receive information that is classified as Green, Amber, and Red; non-members only receive information that is classified as TLP White.

Traffic Light Protocol for Information Sharing
Authorized Information Recipients Restricted to a defined group (e.g., only those present at a meeting). Information labeled 'Red' should not be shared with anyone outside of the immediate group. Confidential. This information can be shared with ONG-ISAC members. Information within this category can be shared with ONG-ISAC members, and government and strategic partners. Information labeled 'Green' should not to be shared in public forums. This information can be shared freely, and is subject to standard copyright rules.


Who Should Join ONG-ISAC

All oil and natural gas industry companies (private or public) and recognized trade associations with a presence in North America are eligible* to join the ONG-ISAC, including:

  • Integrated Oil Companies
  • Natural Gas Companies
  • Upstream Companies
  • Mid-stream Companies
  • Down-stream Companies
  • Appropriate Industry Associations
  • Energy Service and Supply Companies Supporting ONG Industry Segments

* Subject to ONG-ISAC Restrictions

Membership Fees

There are five ONG-ISAC membership levels to choose from based on an organization’s annual revenue. Membership fees are a vital source of ONG-ISAC’s operating capital. We encourage you to consider “buying up” to help create and sustain this crucial industry resource.

Tier Annual Corporate Revenue Annual Fee
Platinum ≥$10 billion $50,000
Gold ≥$5 billion to <$10 billion $25,000
Premium ≥$1 billion to <$5 billion $10,000
Standard ≥$250 million to <$1 billion $5,000
Basic <$250 million $2,000
Discounts Available

Discounted membership fees are available to companies who commit to multiple years of continuous membership. Discounts are available for new memberships and for renewing members.

Tier 2 Year Member Fee 3 Year Member Fee 4 Year Member Fee
Platinum $47,500 $45,000 $42,500
Gold $23,750 $22,500 $21,250
Premium $9,500 $9,000 $8,500

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